Practical Magick

We are magickal beings. We are energy bound souls navigating the physical world in a body. We have within us the power to create our own destinies and affect change in our lives that can make our heart’s desires and wildest dreams come true. We need to only know we can (intend), see we can (visualize) and feel (manifest) we can. Working these everyday “spells” can make our lives full of magick, richer and more fulfilling. This is working Practical Magick! They can also help us attract what we need and when in tune, help to us to know what is contrary to our dreams and desires and to wish those people and things well and let them go. We can learn to say goodbye when our own hearts and minds tell us that something is not for our good, does not bring us joy, and does not lift us up.

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Shadow Work

Practical is defined as the work of doing rather than the focus on the theory and idea of something. Magick is art of utilizing natural forces around and within us to bring about changes we desire in our lives. The work we are focused on in this phase of our life journey is called Shadow Work. Shadow Work is the practice of digging deep inside, going to our dark places where pain, fear and insecurities lie. We go there to identify and release negative ideas, behaviors and feelings. We go there to heal so we will no longer attract others who are broken inside. We do this work to mend and heal our own brokenness. Once we begin this work, the magick happens!

The Magick is in the doing!

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Health, Healing & Happiness

We know how difficult it is to make tough decisions and painful transitions. We understand that taking time for Health, Healing and Happiness may not come easy to those of us who create happiness for everyone else. We do what we do because we have been there. We are on the journey to Health, Healing and Happiness and we want to take you with us. Let’s go!