About Us

Our Story

I am the writer of the guided journals Breaking Bonds and Reclaiming Our Sexuality. These journals were created from the diary pages, notes and written affirmations I wrote and referred back to on my own journey to health, healing and happiness after the end of a 12 year relationship. During the year I took to find myself again, the foundations of my Practical Magick journals was born. The journey to a Magickal Life is forever and I am here to continue the journey with you. Lets do it together.

The Magick Is In The Doing!

Practical Magick is commited to the Health, Healing and Happiness of women everywhere through our guided journals, spiritual aids, ritual kits to support your journey and our new Practical Magick blog, You Tube channel and Practical Magic – The Podcast to bring you fresh, insightful content that we know will help you create a life you love.

I know your fears, I know the pain you try to hide, I see you trying to hold things together. I feel your yearning for a love that uplifts and supports, that brings joy and peace and stability. Let’s walk this road together as we uncover the patterns and themes in our lives that lead us to live this way and break them! We can find ourselves again, we can affirm and celebrate our own value and we can can find joy!

Learn more about me and my other projects and interests at IamKeley.com

Love, Keley

Our Mission

To help women everywhere create a Magickal Life by sharing positivity, information, tools and love with women who are trying to find themselves after giving their best to everyone but themselves. We aim to celebrate all the little victories that go unnoticed by others by affirming each step along the journey to Health, Healing and Happiness!

“The Magick Is In The Doing!”