Positive Thinking Gemstone Bracelet




The Positive Thinking gemstone bracelet is hand made with 8 mm natural gemstones, sterling silver spacer beads, brass tag, and durable elastic cord. Shape, size, color, and pattern may vary slightly.

Let the calm energies of this bracelet help you keep your thoughts joyous and lucid. Wear this bracelet as you meditate to quiet your mind and gain clarity around your desires.

Lodolite Quartz has a powerful but soothing energy that can instantly put you in a deep meditative state. It also enhances communication with your inner being as well as increases the spiritual energies that bring clarity into your life.
White turquoise (Howlite) is a stone of purification. It helps clear your mind of negativity, relieves stress, and brings focus back to the center heart.

Affirmation: I choose to have positive thoughts around all aspects of my life. My mind is allowing positive thoughts to flow through me.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg

M- 16 cm, 6.3 inches, S- 15 cm, 5.9 inches, L- 17 cm, 6.7 inches


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